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Rabu, 25 April 2012

Do you know about abstinence Diabetes

Abstinence diabetes is one of the important parts that must be endured by the patient in order to remain able to live normal, healthy even though it requires sacrifice and is very exceptional eagerness. In essence, such a prohibition is in force for diabetic’s blood sugar levels do not raise. The pattern of food and drink that is believed to minimize the rise in blood sugar so the sugar levels in the body can be kept under control. Although it is difficult to do but if the person is disciplined in avoiding foods that become taboo for diabetics, then bad things can be avoided and prevented. So, what are the foods and beverages should be avoided by people with diabetes?

• Foods that Have High Glycolic Index
There are some foods that contain high glycemic index should be avoided by a problem with diabetes. That is, if people with diabetes to consume foods that contain high glycemic index so blood sugar levels can rise dramatically. To avoid these symptoms diabetics are advised to stop consuming foods such as noodles, pasta, white rice, potatoes and white bread. Noodles and pasta was indeed made and prepared from simple carbohydrates such as rice and wheat flour. In place of these foods, diabetics are advised to consume a meal replacement such as red rice or brown rice. In addition, some studies have also suggested that caffeine has a negative impact of diabetes and to abstinence. So, cut back drinking coffee and tea for blood sugar levels do not raise. To replace the white bread you can eat bread made from wheat flour.

• Other Restrictions for People with Diabetes
In addition to foods and beverages that have been mentioned earlier, people with diabetes are also advised to avoid foods that have a sweet taste. And instead, can consume vegetable juices such as cabbage, peppers, carrots, and beans. Is either consumed vegetable juice for diabetics because it contains high fiber and antioxidants? In addition to the food problem, there are other factors that also need to be avoided by diabetics, for example, is to avoid stress and have the confidence to recover. And for blood circulation, diabetics are also advised to do a little exercise. However, there are also foods that contain hidden sugars and also include food for diabetics. However, most of them do not realize when they daily consume these foods. There are some foods that contain hidden sugars, for example, are different pasta sauces, salad dressings, BBQ sauce, multi-grain cereals and crackers, and smoothies. All of it being taboo to diabetes blood sugar levels in the body does not rise.

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