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Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Made From Human Skin

300 years old ledger was found in downtown Leeds, England (see map). A burglar apparently dropped the tome, police announced Saturday.
 Human-skin books rare. But they seem to have been not quite as rare during the French Revolution, which is why it is not surprising that the book in French Leeds, said Anthony Bliss, curator of rare books at the University of California, Berkeley Bancroft Library. Bancroft Library, Malcolm added, have books bound in leather during the French Revolution in the 1790s.

"[Seal] is placed on a book those more than one hundred years old at the time," he said. "Ironically enough, the prayer book." And no, there is no navel, nipples, tattoos, or other distinguishing marks on the Bancroft book. Donors who give this book to the library were confirmed by taking her to a dermatologist, Bliss said. Internet search will find many stories of hides criminals' who used to tie their own proceedings, or a person who, in their wills, asking for their memoirs bound in their own skin. Bliss cautions about accepting such stories on blind faith. For the most part, he said, "they are nothing but a rumor, from the position of a scholar." Make the book of human skin rather than cow leather will not be too difficult, Bliss added. That's because the skin is just the top layer of the underlying rigid support. "Leather for bookbinding is not like shoe leather," he said. "It's about as thick as three sheets of paper."
 Terrible or not, the object is interesting slice of history. "We do not make history," said Bliss. "We document that is not up to us to suppress it." But, he adds, "What people have to do this out of my mi

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