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Minggu, 03 Juni 2012


Humans often wrong in its attitude or judgment about something that happens in Nature. Whether it was intentional or human ignorance of the nature of Nature it self. And news I hear is about Natural Disasters and the damage that all these were never fully to be understood by humans who live in this earth Fana. Why should any word when the Natural Disaster renews itself? but Nature is also a creature that has to accommodate and accept the limitations of any kind, it is only logical if he has to improve and revolutionize themselves for the sake of continuity of life and all the creatures that live and stay on this earth. So if we have the courage to say everything he did was a disaster, then we must be ready also to introspect ourselves, why do I say so "when Nature is angry because there is no other reason but an error in the human, then that he was acting for, so that people can change and be aware of the ignorance and mistakes we have done. If the error continues to occur it is certain natural will also continue to act, fair is not it? is a natural consequence of this for us and always in tune and in line with the Sunnah that have been defined by the stylist and the Creator of the Universe (الخالق / Al Kholiq) When a man is always acting and doing that could contaminate this nature then surely there will be excess instability him. There are so many loopholes or reasons why Nature is angry / furious. If we look at the whole world is almost entirely exploitir Natural resources, on the grounds of Science Technology. Surprisingly again why Science Technology referenced in doing so? Do we live with the Science Technology? Or whether Sains technology controls us? Obviously not. No errors on Science Technology when it was still in tune with the universe. But when it is contrary to it then it is definitely a big mistake for people and will result in shock / turbulence, maybe this is always said by the man with the disaster. Who says that every action we will not berceuses on this Nature? Obviously very closely related. And who says that human settlement (state, nation) can not lead to excesses in Nature. The arrangement is wrong and the moral status of human greed for power is also a concern universe. Even the presences of the figure of a leader who will drive the wheels of government are also a reflection of this nature. I believe the world all know even if it figures in history when the leader is bad, and always do without clear guidelines, (Namrud, Pharaoh and Abu Lahab and many more) this is the leader figures that could result in damage to natural and human. My message "Be honest with you when it does wrong, and immediately repent, do minimal repairs to us before making any repairs on anything and anyone. Try and always try to take the wisdom of the wise in every deed. because only with policy and piety, we can always anticipate in line with the nature and ourselves to not fall on the wrongdoers who will lead us to the valley Nista (Hell).

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