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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Skin Care Tips for Women.

Skin Care Tips for Women.

We'll share some tips on skin care is traditionally without spending much money but it will get results like you do not lose the spa.

Indonesia is rich in crops, the results are very numerous and useful for everyday life past and present day. For our society is very famous for its cultural heritage on the care of the princess royal to common people. Many people in Indonesia either from a local, or tribal community has a way of personal self-care with a variety of traditional recipes recipe extremely confidential in accordance with the results to shear the plant which is derived from the surrounding area.

Below we will review a few of the few examples of crops or crops of the region around Indonesia are darting through useful for smoothing the skin.

Here is his review.

Fruit or coffee beans.

This plant is widely available in areas other than as a tropical drink; coffee also has a utility can be utilized as neutralizing odors in a room. To cope with the smell of an odor in the room how:
Put ¼ or ½ kg of dried coffee beans in a container, with a little charcoal camper, let stand in a few days in preference, the room will undoubtedly refreshed. So also in carrying a car, you can do the same thing on the car you .to skin care, coffee has a function to reduce cellulite on your skin, provided you are diligent and consistent perform once a week, how:
Puree beans mixed with pumice with comparison 1kg of coffee: 1/4kg pumice then mash after the fine sieve, now a fine powder that you use in the bath scrub the entire body by using a powder that, rinse with water feel smooth skin you, to perfect after you clean the body or agency spends carrot juice pulp jerky your body that has been done in the scrub with the dregs of the coffee powder carrot juice rinse again let stand a few minutes, you will get a fresh clean skin smooth and moist throughout day .with that way you can keep your costs to a spa for a other. For the purposes attempting to women all over the world get the skin without cellulite in a very cost cheap. With 1kg mix coffee grounds and pumice stones you can save up to six month.

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