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Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Tips on caring for your digital camera

You have a problem with digital cameras you care? Your camera body, especially the lens, can be easily damaged by careless usage. Here are some tips for you in caring for your favorite cameras.
 1. Lens Care Your digital camera lens is the window that connects you with the outside world. Of course this is the most important part of your camera. To care for the lenses, make sure you never touch the lens directly using your fingers. Not only that, use the lens cap when you're not using it. If you need to clean the lens, use lens-cleaning of specialized equipment. Use a quality brushes cleaner, a blower and a special lens cleaning cloth.
2. Temperature we recommend that you keep your digital camera from the sun. One common mistake of beginners is to keep the camera at high temperature. Do not ever do it. Do also keep your camera in a place that is too cold.
 3. Storage When storing your digital camera, the camera away from the magnet in various forms, since the magnetic circuit will affect your digital camera. One of the important points you should note is the use of silica gel in storage places your camera so as to prevent condensation. The batteries also should be removed from the camera because it can cause corrosion if stored for long periods.
4. Protection of delicate components you also need to protect the delicate components. Beware of the memory card, because they are small and delicate. Similarly, the panel of the camera. Make sure you are careful in using the panel, such as USB interface and so on.

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