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Selasa, 03 Juli 2012

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Discover simple tips
But it is always useful to perform
Healthy and balanced lifestyle

  Health and welfare from the table: a healthy diet, in fact, a prerequisite for a balanced lifestyle and active. It's important to emphasize the fact that welfare is not a big sacrifice, but based on small steps to follow every day.

1.Creating varied diet foods are often present on the table: that way you'll avoid the temptation to "mess around" in between meals.

 2.Make a delicious breakfast because, after a night's sleep, our body needs energy to go again and find the humor for the day.

3.Structuring around lunchtime, watching the number, but it's really satisfying my hunger. On the table will never miss the fruits and vegetables, chosen from them this season. In addition, it is important to eat slowly, without stress or disruption best to enjoy the pleasure of food.

 4.Make a balanced diet and light, at night thinking that the body rests and requires only the power required to operate its organs (BMR). This means that the unused energy that can involve excessive food night to be stored as fat. In addition, neither to aid digestion nor avoid heavy meals and too inexperienced.

5. Enjoy snacks for the holes in the stomach mid-morning or afternoon, with a yogurt or fruit or cereal bars. In addition, drink plenty of water throughout the day to hydrate the right way.

6.Engage in regular exercise (preferably every day). Constant physical exercise, even if moderate, can enhance the immune response, with beneficial effects on the body and also on our minds.

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