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Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Research Healthy Lifestyles

Research Healthy Lifestyles

Research shows healthy habits learned in child growth and development of supporting bodies and brains of children and promote better health in adulthood. Since the mental and physical health are well related to the ability to
Learning and good health is an important predictor of future productivity, it is important that Texas schools give students access to learning environments that support healthy lifestyles.

Fact: The children are fed well, perform better in school, both academically and behavior.
Fact: Physical activity strengthens children's bodies, minds and dignity.
Fact: good night's sleep is essential for optimal growth and development performance.
Fact: Healthy habits formed during childhood.

Texas PTA is committed to building healthy families and communities, and believes that everyone has a role in making sure parents, schools, and communities have the support and resources they need.

The following information will help you develop a healthy lifestyle initiative to work with parents, students, teachers, school administrators and community members to support a healthy lifestyle at home, at school and in your community.
Fit Kids collaborative

Funded jointly by the PTA and Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Texas, Fit Kids Collaboration has focused on bringing stakeholders together to create a school health program, inspiration and collaboration to improve school health in Texas.

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