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Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Bad Habits that Make People Forums Old Fast

What kind of face as parents, it depends on how he lived when young. Old people who are still fit in old age largely due to lifestyle choices and good early on. Because some habits can make people look old fast look.
Certain lifestyle choices can make us look and feel older than her actual age.
Here are eight causes that accelerate the aging process as reported, Thursday (24/11/2011):
SmokeIt's no secret that smoking is bad for health. But seldom are aware that smoking can also ruin the appearance.
Research shows that in addition to shortening life by increasing the risk of heart disease and lung cancer, smoking can activate the enzyme that breaks down the elasticity of the skin. Even for people who are not heavy smokers, fine wrinkles and skin may appear pale due to smoking.
Accident Diet many women who wanted to lose weight as much as 4-5 kg's birthday or important event. Being slim fast is tempting, but crash dieting is not a good thing.
Instant Diet is not a long term solution, it can even be a threat. Research shows that a diet can make the body feel older because it reduces energy, disrupt concentration, and make depressed and irritable.
Crash diets can also cause wrinkles and sagging skin due to aging of the skin, loss of elasticity, and lack of adjustment of the skin with weight loss.
Weight management is important for the health of the elderly, but try not to lose weight more than 0.5 - 1 kg in a week.
Less TidurTubuh takes seven or eight hours of sleep each night for optimal health. Lack of sleep can make the body does not function properly, it can also cause weight gain and lead to health when older.
If you have a reasonable bedtime, but still feel the lack of sleep during the day, consult a doctor to find out the possibility of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea are common in the elderly.
Avoid fruit and SayuranSemakin old, your body needs fewer calories. To produce healthy aging and reduce wrinkles, eat a nutritious calorie sources.
The best sources are fruits and colorful vegetables. Be sure to consume fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy heart, as well as plenty of fiber from whole grains.
Resentment Life harbored too short and precious to the old harbor resentment. Mengikhlaskan and forgiveness can make life longer and more productive.
Research shows that forgiveness can lead to physical, psychological, and spiritual better. The benefits include lower blood pressure and reduce depression, stress and anxiety.
StresPenelitian shown that releasing stress can help your body reduce mental disorders and keeps your mind young. Try to identify the cause of stress and find ways to avoid or mitigate its effects through relaxation techniques such as meditation or exercise.
Regular physical dudukAktivitas most important to healthy aging, prevent heart disease, and keep stress levels remain safe. One of the primary reasons exercise is to prevent injury.
Injury can restrict movement and potentially threaten the health of the elderly. Research shows that 30 minutes of walking three times a week can reduce the risk of falls, the leading cause of injury in the elderly.
 Drinking alcohol level was reportedly in good health. But for the elderly, as much as what is being considered? According to the American Geriatrics Society, more than one drink a day at the old man and half a glass to the old woman was too much.
Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to decline in mental function and can lead to falls. Alcohol can also interfere with the efficacy of some drugs. Ask your doctor how much alcohol is safe for the elderly, if any.

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