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Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Dating, It's Strictly Ask

WHEN the first date, you are not too familiar with the usual pair. Well, to be successful at dating, you should avoid some of these questions.

The first date is special. Because you and he are both new to each other. No wonder the atmosphere became a little nervous and awkward tinged flavor.

So that the atmosphere is so fluid, you need to choose the right questions to be disclosed to him. Do not you just ask some of the following.

Anything related to the number

This includes age and how much money he made. Ask any questions related to numbers can impress you count anything in his life.

reason favorite

No need to figure out why he likes on his favorite things. Especially if you do not understand his point of view. Therefore, this will in turn make the difference. Focus on the similarities you have with him. Over time, he would be more comfortable to share his views.

experience dating

This will only make the atmosphere becomes very awkward. Whatever the answer, you will actually look assume and judge. Most importantly, she's dating you because they want to know more. Focus and give this relationship a chance to grow.

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