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Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Make Men knees, This Way!!!

Appear beautiful and attractive is very important for a woman, especially for the business on the bed. Beautiful and sexy appearance can certainly increase the passion for your partner. You feel less sexy?

Here are four tips for improving your sex appeal as quoted by Cosmopolitan.

-Red color

Red means brave, apparently it is true. Researchers from the University of Rochester found that men are sexually attracted to women who wear red than any other color.

Wear red mini dress to draw attention to your partner when the next date. Men will feel you are more sexy than usual.

-Eye Contact

This is the basic and most polite way to get attention. Even researchers have found that men attracted to women with a sharp gaze.

In a British study, men were asked to rate their interest in women with different eyes. As a result, men prefer women who smile dang male gaze.

So next time you're in a cafe, steal a view of the man with the sweetest smile at him and give.

-Match Date

Researchers from the Universty of Vienna found that at day 14 juice 28-day cycle, women secrete chemicals called copulins. Copulin react to male hormone testosterone, so it makes you look more attractive in the eyes of men.

-Sexy Voice

Researchers from the State University of New York found that men prefer women with a high-pitched voice. Female voice sighed even more preferred by men

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