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Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Sex positions that ensure you Directly Pregnant

IF you want to get the baby cuddling, sex on the exact day is not the only factor to consider. Ideal position can also affect your mission.

Some believe a powerful sex positions if you are in the goal of achieving pregnancy. Experts believe that if you have sex in a position that puts the sperm in the vagina longer, it will be more likely to get pregnant.

One of the favored position is missionary. This position is believed to be successful for several reasons. First, this position allows for deeper penetration. Sperm is in the best position when the uterus is open. In addition, because the man on top position, the sperm will not leak.

Another position that may help pregnancy is doggy style, where the man is behind the woman. In this position, sperm can enter the cervix. If your partner is overweight and doggy style is not comfortable, lie side by side. But remember to enjoy during sex, relax and remain in that position for some time.

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